About us

Hailing from different cities, we started as a 6 people team who began their career from web development companies right after leaving their colleges. And after years of experience in the internet industry, we witnessed the ever-increasing demand for web services and so does the other people. This cause a rapid proliferation of web development companies who claim to provide "100% work satisfaction" but rather fail to do so. Instead, the usual practice was to deliver "worthless web apps" which usually were led by 3 factors :

1. Lack of communication during the development phase.
2. Crappy codes (often hidden) just to save time & hardwork, which further leads to bugs & errors.
3. Delayed delivery.

Since, we needed to be different and wanted to develop apps just like the ones we would love to have for ourselves, we solved all the problems. Synonym to "Treat the customers as you would like to be treated". As simple as that.

How did we solve these ingored problems? We just follow simple policies :

1. We respond to your requests within 24 hours. After under-taking a project, we follow 11 step process, which includes documentation of the project and then a follow up to confirm the requirments.
2. We focus on developing elegant apps and emphasis on writing neat and clean codes, and fully-tested apps which ensures sustainability of the resultant apps.
3. Unlike others companies, we do not under-take loads of projects just to satisfy the market-demands while minting money. When we take a project, We dedicate a group of team onto the project until its completion. It actually creates a win-win situation which most of the web development companies tend to ignore.