Technology solutions for your taxi business

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Digitally transform your ground transportation services

Automated scheduler and dispatcher

Seamlessly manage all service requests by automatically matching to drivers and vehicles.


Obtain a bird’s eye view of your entire business and monitor all your customers and drivers

Real Time Updates

Action automated alerts and notifications for your customers and drivers


Track relevant metrics to improve driver efficiency, productivity and identify areas of improvement.

Give Your Business The Technology Head Start

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Customer App to ensure transparency and receive feedback

Book Rides

Customer app to ensure transparency and receive feedback.

Real Time Tracking

Your customers can track there rides and reach their driver at the touch of button.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can easily provide feedback for your services.

Mobile app for your drivers to operate on the go

Real Time Service Requests

Driver receive requests in real time on their app.


Pickup and dropoff locations on the map help the driver navigate easily

Trip Management

Enables your driver to view their history and manage their profile and payments.

Dashboard is a powerful centralized controlled center


Receive booking request and dispatch itto nearby drivers.

Real Time Tracking

Bird’s eye view of all drivers and ongoing trips.

Dynamic Pricing

Offers tiered pricing structures that is dependent on real time demand